Agent Meryl Lewis
                After serving as a Sergeant in the L.A.P.D., Meryl is starting her first day at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Her spunky and impulsive attitude normally does more good than harm but Meryl isn't one to shy away from confrontation.  She tackles every problem head one and worries about the damage once the job is complete.  Meryl is initially concerned with her new position because she is unsure how her estranged best friend Michael Madison will react to her presence.

Special Agent Michael Madison
                Former L.A.P.D. officer and currently the F.B.I.'s most notorious and legendary employee.  During his first day on the job, Michael mysteriously went AWOL.  Six months later, all ten individuals on the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted List had been captured or killed by Michael's hands.  His serious demeanor is intimidating to friends and enemies alike.  Michael speaks almost effortlessly and only dedicates time and energy towards his assignments.  He has unconsciously eluded Meryl ever since he quit the L.A.P.D. for unknown reasons.

                As the enforcer for A.N.K.H. Pharmaceuticals, Kurtis carries out his missions with an iron fist.  He recently discovers his origin is linked to the seemingly lost Project Mabus, an American initiative to create the ultimate soldier.  Once the project was terminated, Kurtis has since been raised by his servant Roman Grisha.  The company is currently threatened by Agent Madison's investigation and Kurtis has been ordered to terminate him.

Kaze Kunimoto
                This notorious assassin likes to go by the name Seika.  Her brother was one of the men that Michael had killed during his hunt for the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted.  She's been hired to assist Kurtis in the elimination of Michael Madison.

Dr. Donald Viseman
                Renowned biochemist and the architect of both Agent M and Project Mabus.  These were created with the ideal to fight the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  His work gave birth to the ultimate human soldier but the project was forcefully ended shortly afterwards.  Dr. Viseman quit his government employment and currently resides in Poughkeepsie, New York were he teaches advanced biochemistry classes at New York University.

Commander Joshua McCrae
                The F.B.I.'s Assistant Director.  Through much convincing and pleading, Commander McCrae was able to convince his superiors to forgo punishing Agent Madison for the AWOL incident.  He has a special connection with his employees and cares first and foremost about their safety above all else.

Special Agent in Charge Nicole Wells
                Dr. Viseman's assistant during Project Mabus.  She had many emotional ties to the project's offspring.  After the child was thought to be killed, Nicole was demoted by her superiors and found new employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

General Yegor Semyon
                Former military commander of the Soviet's legendary Red Army and current owner and President of A.N.K.H. Pharmaceuticals.  He has found and utilized the seemingly lost Agent M formula to create an empire with limitless growth potential.