Project Mabus
The End has Begun.

In the 16th century, the famous French seer Nostradamus prophesied the arrival of three antichrists. Their tyranny and vehemence would drive the earth towards the brink of total destruction. Two have come to pass with their dreadful legacies cemented in infamy leaving the third name as a warning. This last entity would have the strength and desire to end the world as we know it. Humanity would be powerless to stop them. The one called Mabus.

The frustrations of the Cold War afforded an opportunity for a brilliant biochemist named Dr. Donald Viseman to develop the blueprints to create the ultimate human soldier. One that is faster, stronger, and smarter than any other being on earth. He succeeded, casting aside any political and moral repercussions that may have swayed his judgment. Its secrets have become unearthed forgoing the caveat ingrained on the ominous title. Anyone foolish enough to ignore its deadly ramifications will be unprepared when the inevitable arrives. They called it Project Mabus.

The Agent M series kicks off in this smash-mouthed, action packed first installment that will keep you guessing throughout the journey and begging for more once it ends. FBI Special Agents Meryl Lewis and Michael Madison battle against a rising pharmaceutical company with ties to the lost project and its forgotten soldier. Witness the arrival of the final catalyst destined to destroy the world. The countdown to annihilation has begun.

And the end starts here.