Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Agent, Where Art Thou?

The great hunt for the right agent continues.  My manuscript has been unofficially completed around the last week of February.  After a few weeks of revising and beta-reading (shout out to my wonderful readers for all of their help), I officially completed Agent M: Project Mabus during the first week of April.  Since then, I’ve been querying agents.

Yea…  It’s been kind of like that.

I’ve read a lot about the process of querying agents.  Some websites were helpful as well as a few books (Getting Your Book Published for Dummies, The Writer’s Market 2011).  Surprisingly, I’ve found contrasting information amongst some of the publications.  For example, some of the agencies featured in the Writer’s Market and do not accept email queries and would rather have you physically send your query letter/synopsis/manuscript with an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope).  However, in Getting Your Book Published for Dummies, it explicably states that SASE are a thing of the past and only amateurs would send a query letter with one.
Now who are we supposed to believe?  Honestly.  In this case, I followed the guidelines posted on the agency’s website.  There’s nothing wrong with following their rules, right?
So my search for representation continues.  I asked some of my professors that have previously published books to look over my query letter to see if the concept resonates well and “jumps off the page” (so to speak).  So far, all of my reviews have been positive and I’ve gotten a lot of surprising glares.  Apparently my quiet demeanor in class does not equate to a creative mind.  Go figure.
The wait time for responses is increasingly intense but luckily I have the patience of a saint.  I’ve toyed with the idea of self publishing if I am unable to find an agent or publisher willing to purchase and distribute my story.  There are a few resources out there that have attempted to push me towards that decision (including one very convincing blog) but for the time being, I will continue to seek representation.
I’m curious to see how long this process will take.  Not from completion to publication but from querying to finding an agent willing to represent me.  Like many of my colleagues, I believe my concept is unique and entertaining enough to capture the masses but my inherent bias hinders any type of rational thinking.  Thus, I am seeking for outside guidance.
Mr. or Ms. Agent.  If you’re out there.  I am here, waiting, and ready to amaze you.


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