Friday, May 6, 2011

HAVE AT THEE! - Thor Review

So after a long journey and a fantastic midnight premiere I have arrived to give the world my marvelous thoughts about the new Thor movie.

                Let me preface this by saying that I am a HUGE Thor fan.  His lore and stories throughout the years have been an amazing journey.  One of my favorites is the Ragnarok series which debuted many years back during the Avengers Disassembled arc.  I went into this movie thinking I was going to have fun, see come cool CG, and watch Thor come alive on the silver screen.

                And that's exactly what I got.  I have to give the writers credit.  They were able to take the Thor mythos and give us just enough to not only explain what was going on for new fans but also satiate the appetite of long time fans.  From the way he used his hammer to even the subtlest of mannerisms, Chris Hemsworth nailed it!

                The biggest surprise of the entire film was the level of humor involved.  It was almost to the point at which I would consider it to be an action comedy film (which isn't a bad thing considering).  Thor interacting with earthlings is absolutely priceless.  They completely covered the fact that he pretty much was a prick before being banished to the mortal realm.

                Sadly, there was but one disappointment that I suffered.  One injustice that was not delivered.  The one thing I wanted; nay, the ONLY thing I wanted to happen once during the entire film was for Thor to say his trademark catchphrase:

                "Have at thee!"

                And it didn't happen.  Did it take away from the movie experience?  Not in the slightest.  But for a long time fan of Thor it was kind of a letdown.  After watching the Hulk finish off the Abomination while saying "HULK SMASH" I thought it was almost a damn guarantee.  Alas, it was absent from the final cut of the film.  I hope the director has a damn good explanation for it when the Blu-ray comes out.

                There wasn't much else to complain about.  I honestly could have done without the Natalie Portman character all together.  Loki was in top form.  Anthony Hopkins was a brilliant Odin.  Minor flaws here or  there but nothing too horrendous.

                All in all, you should go see it whether you are a comic book fan or not.  Is it the best Marvel movie to date?  Not exactly.  While Thor was great, Iron Man was borderline perfect.  Still, everyone should go check out this movie.  You will not be disappointed.

Final Rating: A-


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