Monday, December 12, 2011

Religion vs Science – The Epic Struggle of Stubbornness

I’ve balked about discussing this issue purely because I didn’t want people to think I was sparking up a controversial debate for pure entertainments sake. As the release of Agent M: Project Mabus draws closer, I wanted to discuss one of the major underlying issues covered in the first book. As a devout believer in God, this was surprisingly easy process to undertake. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a tolerant and diverse household. However, today’s entry is not about picking sides or determining who’s “right” or “wrong”. This is about discussing the proponents and why their reasoning causes strife amongst the masses. Sometimes it’s not about the argument but about the one presenting it.

To be fair, I might as well lay all my cards on the table. I’ve got nothing to hide. I was raised in a very religious upbringing; my father a Catholic and my mother an Eastern Orthodox. Despite their religious “differences”, they seemed to have no issues debating religious topics. My mother was especially tolerant in this retrospect. When I became confused as a child after hearing about the different types of religious organizations, my mother eased my worries by telling me that all religions are essentially the same and that I didn’t need to worry about defining them either way. As long as you believe in God and lead a good life, there’s nothing else to worry about. I love that way of thinking. It really speaks to heart concerning my own personal beliefs. I never tell anyone that I am of a specific religious faith but when they press the issue I simply tell them that I was raised Catholic and everyone seems to be pleased with that explanation. To me, organized religion is nothing more than having a different set of rules to achieve the same goal.

However, I do consider myself a creature of logic. There is always a rational and believable explanation that exists in any situation. I don’t make decisions based on emotions and I don’t advise others to as well yet I am plagued to see so many illogical beings make hasty choices in life with excuses that range from “It’s my life, I’ll live it as I see fit” all the way to “Oops”. Personal beliefs aside, some would argue that I should be torn between my religious beliefs and my logical outlook on life. I am here to fire back and ask you, why? Why should I be debating religion and science? I’ve already found a nice middle ground and have worked inside of it for the better part of 28 years. Do I really have to pick a side? Why are we picking sides anyways?

In Agent M: Project Mabus, the project developer Donald Viseman suffers through an internal conflict of this nature but in a more endearing way. He’s caught between his personal beliefs and the job assigned to him. I’m sure there are many moments in our lives when we are faced with similar decisions. One man in Atlanta was fired over an incident where his religious beliefs interfered with his work.

The point I’m trying to raise is, would either side give up their beliefs for the greater good? I can honestly say that the majority of them wouldn’t. This is entrenched in a mask of stubbornness. Religious faithful do not want to budge because doing so would be backing away from the very beliefs they hold so dearly. Children of science won’t let up an inch because they are trying to put up equal force in order to prove their point. But, when you really look at it, all we’ve got is the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. Neither side is going to budge or concede. That’s just not the way it works. So instead of engaging in a fruitless battle, I decided to pull myself away from it. I don’t necessarily think all Atheists are dumb or all religious people are nut-jobs. They’re perpetuating that stereotype fine on their own without any help from yours truly.

One of my goals in writing Agent M: Project Mabus was certainly not to usher controversy over the issue at hand but to rather use it as a medium of conflict. Particularly in Dr. Viseman’s case. I knew when I began the path of plotting the Agent M series that I would be faced with many similar types of debate between religion and science. And not just in the first book either. There is an underlying tone that is present throughout the entire series that predicates the battle between religion and science. Just like the headline for Project Mabus, the end has truly begun. This is only the beginning in a series that will be the fictional battleground between these two belief superpowers.

And all out war will be the least of mankind’s concerns when the prophecy draws near.


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