Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Void

Have you ever gotten caught between the space of “what to do next”? Certainly it doesn’t pertain solely to authors but in this case, I am at a crossroads to which I cannot seem to select the next path to travel down. Since the release of Agent M: Project Mabus I’ve been on a promotional rampaging, pegging blogs and podcasts for any time they could offer me. However, while this is going on I feel as if my focus has dwindled from the bigger picture.

This time last year, I was approximately 30 pages into the first draft of Project Mabus. Today I stand 38 pages into the sequel yet the last time I wrote anything was 2 months ago. I know in order to get it published in due time, I need to have it completed as soon as I can yet I feel as if any time spent away from promotion could be detrimental to the success of Project Mabus. A part of me just wants to leave it alone and let the word of mouth press carry it forward. The other part fears that this route would only carry it into obscurity.

As a self-published author, it feels like gaining attention on is nothing more than a shouting match. The only thing I can do then write a good description and hope that the cover is unique enough to steal a few moments of someone’s time. Seeking other venues for advertisement is a much but those can be exhausted fairly quickly as well and if I focus all of my energy towards that route it may end up in vain.

Then again, if I focus my efforts solely towards writing the sequel I will be missing out on some golden opportunities. There exist some prime resources that will help establish the Agent M series as a household name. I’d welcome any and all opportunities that come my way (at this point I’d like to personally thank all of the wonderful people at for their continuous support). But if I don’t shift my focus somehow to working on the next step in the series then all of my effort may be wasted on a veritable one hit wonder.

Alas, I am stuck in an endless cycle of could-bes and should-haves. I know within me lies the knowledge of which path to take. Debating it further would only seem to compromise my judgment. The only other option I have is to give up. After coming this far, I’ve only got two words to say.

Screw that.


Jess@The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow said...

I know- it is an endless cylce and there is so much to do! I say keep at it! It is important to network and promote your book. Maybe you can set up a schedule for yourself. Divide up the hours you have to write or promote each day/week. Maybe do every other day for each- or do a little bit of both each day. That might help you focus. Good luck!

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